Matt Chapman

I’m Freezin’ for a Reason!

I am so excited to be participating in the Penguin Plunge!  Donate now to help me raise funds for Special Olympics New Hampshire.

 Did you know that Special Olympics strives to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people?  Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities. Athletes find joy, confidence, and fulfillment — on the playing field and in life. They inspire their communities to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential.

 Please make a donation now to support my Plunge and the 3,000 athletes of Special Olympics New Hampshire.

 Thank you!

My Plunge Achievements

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Raised $850

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Leonard And Lishia Irvin

Never stop being who you are.


Danielle Cialino

Love You Bro!


Pop Couple

Make sure Tickles gets her cut! Take the plunge.


Christopher Smith



Love ya buddy. Do a wicked gainah!




Darlene Petrakovich

Good luck, send pictures love you Matt Aunt Darlene


Matt Chapman


Victoria Wright

So proud of you for doing this for a worthy cause. Pictures please.



Have a blast!


Pop Drunk

All the love


Lisa-marie Gagnon


Mama J & Spectre

Keep being awesome what a great charity to support


King Bob

Don’t forget to use a towel





I give you a lot of credit!! You are an amazing person! Xoxo


Jay Lefler


Vanessa Reade


Amber Storer

A great cause! That cold water will be so refreshing! :P


Sin Cattivo

Don't get to cold Mr. Bear


Jj Gloster

I hope there will be video of this lol!!!


Linda Knowles






Can’t wait to see you wet Matt 🤣



You’re gonna freeze🤣🤣



Awesome group to support !! Have friends in our local special olympics !!


Ginny Garland


Diana George


Fox Crown



John O'brien (grump)

When you get out of the water, make sure to do your Seinfeld re-enactment...I was in the pool, I was in the pool.


David Soffen


Craig Reynolds

Don't forget to bring a towel!


Shane Cunningham


Elizabeth Bryan


Brandon Cobb

Get it Chap!