Take the Plunge!

Plunge Information:

Brewster Plunge Check-in

All plungers must check-in by 11 A.M. on Plunge Day

Check-in takes place from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M. on the day of the Plunge.
At check-in, plungers will:
  • Complete a registration form (if you did not register online)
  • Hand in any cash and/or check donations that you received along with a Cash Donor Record Form
  • Sign a waiver, or if you are under 18 hand in a waiver signed by your parent/guardian
  • Receive wristbands for you to Plunge and for a guest 
  • Receive your basic Plunge package and any additional incentives that you've earned

Check-in Frequently Asked Questions

I registered online; do I need to check-in?

Yes! All Plungers (registered or not) have to check-in.

What if I have not met the $250 fundraising minimum?

Every Plunger must raise at least $250 to Plunge. If you have not yet raised the minimum on Plunge Day, you can complete a deferred payment form. We will record a credit card number and if $250 has not been raised 30 days after the Plunge, you credit card will be charged for the outstanding balance.

Can I share funds with another Plunger who did not reach the fundraising minimum?

Not a problem! You can transfer funds from one plunger to another. You will be taken care of at the Special Circumstances table.

I haven't registered yet. Will I still be in the same wave as my school?

Yes, regardless of when you register, you will still be in the same wave as your school.

I want to buy additional lunches, am I able to do that?

You can purchase additional lunch wristbands for $20 each at check-in.

I did all my fundraising online. Do I still have to check-in? Do I need to bring a printout of my page?

All Plungers need to check-in - even if you registered and raised funds online.

You do not need to bring any proof of your fundraising, we have the ability to check how much money has been raised through your page at check-in