Fall Mountain Special Olympics

By Kristi Beneat

Dear Community Members,

What an amazing year we have had so far! Our Fall Mountain team actively participates in alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, track and field, swimming, bocce ball, basketball, and bowling competitions! It was a wonderful experience to return to UNH this past June and compete with athletes across the state.  We also had successful Fall and Winter events and are now looking forward to our 2024 Spring sports that are being set in motion. We are also happy to announce that our Fall Mountain team played basketball for the first time in many years and they were ecstatic to show off their awesome court skills! Our team took silver in the State competition a few weeks ago. 

Over the past 20+ years, the generous financial support of our local community members has allowed our wonderfully diverse and talented athletes the ability to access leisure activities that will help them grow physically and socially, as well as building, and developing positive lifelong skills. Our athletes compete year-round in an array of different sporting events that provide them with an opportunity to train and compete with other athletes around the state.

Fall Mountain Special Olympics is an all-volunteer organization that relies on the support of our local community. No federal funds are used and our athletes are never charged registration fees to participate in any program. The funds we raise directly benefit our local athletes, which currently consist of several individuals throughout the Fall Mountain Regional School District, surrounding towns, as well as athletes from Vermont.

The annual cost per athlete averages $600, which includes registration fees for fall, winter, and summer games, training, food, and lodging. Additional costs we also have to consider include travel, uniforms, and equipment. We are committed to ensuring that all athletes are able to participate, regardless of their financial status. In an effort to maintain that commitment, FMSO athletes and volunteers take part in various fundraisers throughout the year. These efforts bring in about half our annual operating expenses, which is why your support is incredibly valuable to our athletic team. Without the financial support of our local community, we simply couldn’t keep our team going. We are asking for your support, and any monetary donation would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sherry And Dave

Kristi, We hope this donation will help with the wonderful work you do with the special athletes!! Sherry and Dave


Dani Parrott

This team is so lucky to have such caring and devoted coaches. Love you guys!


Chris Beneat

Very proud of my beautiful wife and her partner in crime, Amanda. Can't wait for ski season! Go Wildcats!!


Don & Katie


Courtney Mcauliffe

This is an amazing team with amazing coaches!! Thank you for all of your hard work!!


Andrea Scott


Donna Mcauliffe

Thank you for what you do!


Kerri Weeks


Mario Cusanelli


Joe Howie


Cait Beneat


Donna Ward

Thank you for all your hard work ❤️


Brian & Kerry Pickering

Go Gabe!!


Dave And Cathy Field


Eric Deutschbein


Rick Palmer


Lisa Cicero


Mary Lou Massucco

Go Gabe!