Mike Z

My 8th Winni Dip!

Hello All,

I am participating in my 8th Winni Dip this year. As I have done in years past, I am looking for any and all donations to support the New Hampshire Special Olympics. Your donations are much appreciated and do not go unnoticed!

Let’s welcome in 2021 with helping me reach my fundraising goal.  

Thank you!


My Dip Achievements

Added Profile Picture

Raised $750

Made a self donation

Shared Fundraising Page

Received 25 donations

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kevin And Jackie Clancy


Mom And Dad

Love, Mom and Dad


Aunt Diane

Thank you Diane!


Aunt Cathy & Bim

Great Job Mike


Lauren, Brady And Logan

Good luck!


Staskiewicz Family

Good luck!!🥶


Nicole & Chris Harrison

Good luck Mikey!


Mike Learner

Great job Mike. Dunk your head all the way under this time.


Thomas Durden


Adam Rayho


Mary & Gwen

Good Luck Mike!


Tim Sullivan

I will rescind this if you don’t wear a speedo