Take the Plunge!



You’ve registered, you’ve fundraised, now it’s time to Plunge!

Take the Plunge between February 3rd and February 7th!   You will receive a Plunge Pail that contains everything you need for your DIY Plunge: a party pack, snack pack, and any incentives that you’ve earned.  Once you receive your Plunge Pail, you are set to Plunge however you’d like. 

All Plungers must sign a waiver before Plunging, either online or paper form. Individuals under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian complete their waiver. 

Get creative, this is your year to do it your way!  Take video or photos of your Plunge, add them to your fundraising page and be sure to tag #SONHPlunge on social media.

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, January 28th: Ensure you’ve confirmed your incentive information for delivery. Email SpecialOlympics@sonh.org with your incentive choice and size, your delivery address, best phone number to reach out in case there are questions on delivery day and when we can delivery your pail (1/30 to 2/2).

Friday, January 29th: Be sure to reach your minimum by 8PM to guarantee delivery of your Plunge Pail in time!

Saturday, January 30th to Tuesday, February 2nd: Your plunge pail will be delivered to you.

Wednesday, February 3rd to Sunday, February 7th: PLUNGE!

Saturday, February 7th: Top 3 fundraisers are announced based on fundraising through 11AM!

Friday, February 12th: Submit your photos/videos for a chance to win cash prizes!

Remember, safety first!

Cold/freezing/frozen water presents obvious and not-so-obvious dangers and is risky at any depth to people of any age, mobility, or health status. You must exercise caution and personal responsibility in your DIY Plunge activities. SONH cannot identify or control the risk of every DIY Plunge activity and has not endorsed or approved as safe for any particular Plunge activity. 

Be smart, be safe and be careful in whatever form your DIY Plunge takes you, follow applicable water (and freezing water) safety and COVID-19 protocols. Have fun with it, but most importantly, BE SAFE!