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I’m Freezin’ for a Reason!

2020 ....it's been a long year and it started out with a cold blast last February when we dove into the Atlantic for the Penguin plunge. Lots of folks helped us raise money to keep special Olympics available. Little did we know how challenging the year would soon become.  

I've witnessed incredible collaboration and effort to ease the way for children with medical complexity and developmental disabilities but the year has been brutally hard for my patients and their families.  Special Olympics directly and significantly improves the quality of lives for so many of my patients and friends. It's one of the best interventions we have to buffer the challenges of being differently-abled in our society.  

Please donate what you can and send a clear message that programs will restart, they will see their friends again and are not forgotten. 

Thank you, I'm grateful for your help and encouragement to freeze for an incredible cause!


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Jan Mcgonagle


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Jan Mcgonagle


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